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Apply for admissions scholarships

File your FAFSA

File your FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. 

Financial aid awards for fall 2024

This year (2024-2025 academic year) it will be easier for families to complete the FAFSA with the streamlined FAFSA application. The new FAFSA form is now available. UMassD anticipates sending award letters in late spring.

You will need to either apply or submit verification for the following scholarships.

Founders' Scholarship

The Founders' Scholarship covers full tuition, fees, housing, and a meal plan for four years.
Learn more about the Founders' Scholarship

John and Abigail Adams Scholarship

The John and Abigail Adams Scholarship awards a non-need-based, institutionally-supported tuition credit to students who receive this award from the Massachusetts Department of Education.

Eligibility requirements can be found online at the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Office of Student Financial Assistance.

Renewal criteria:

  • Must be an undergraduate student
  • Must be a United States citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • Must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in all coursework attempted
  • Must be enrolled full time (12+ day credits per semester, not applicable to online or continuing education)
  • Must annually file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Cannot be combined with any other tuition credits
  • This scholarship can be received for a maximum of eight semesters, which must take place within six years after graduating high school.

If the student drops below the required 3.0 GPA, the scholarship is permanently forfeited.

There is no application process for the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship. Students who are eligible will be notified beginning in the Fall of their senior year in high school.

Forward a copy of your letter from the Department of Education to the Student Service Center. If you have misplaced your letter, you may contact the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education at 781.338.3625 or 781.338.3640. You may also contact the Massachusetts Office of Student Financial Assistance at 617.391.6070.

If you have transferred to UMass Dartmouth from another college/university, please forward a copy of your Adams award letter and copies of your academic transcripts from all institutions attended (unofficial transcripts are permissible) to the Student Service Center.

Valedictorian Tuition Credit

This program allows a high school valedictorian to become eligible to receive a tuition credit at any public higher education institution in Massachusetts.

To be eligible for this program, you must:

  • be designated by a public or private high school in the state as a valedictorian
  • be enrolled in a degree program at UMassD
  • be a permanent legal resident of MA for at least one year prior to the opening of the academic year
  • complete the FAFSA annually
  • be in compliance with applicable law regarding Selective Service Registration
  • not be in default of any Federal or State student loans or owe a refund for any previous financial aid received

You must submit a letter from the principal or superintendent of your high school certifying that you were the class valedictorian.

More information

Stanley Z. Koplik Certificate of Mastery Tuition Credit

To be eligible to apply, a student must be:

  • currently enrolled in a MA public high school
  • a permanent Massachusetts resident
  • a United States citizen or eligible non-citizen

To qualify as a Candidate for the Certificate of Mastery, a student must score "Advanced" on at least one grade 10 MCAS test subject, and score "Proficient" on the remaining sections of the grade 10 MCAS.

If selected for this tuition credit, student is required to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually and must be a full time day student (12+ day credits per semester). A copy of your Koplik letter and certificate should be submitted to the Student Service Center.

Additional requirements and how to apply

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