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Program Benchmarks

Team-building exercise

Student Leadership Academy supports student learning outcomes

The Student Leadership Academy (SLA) is an engagement tool used by the College of Nursing & Health Sciences Student Support Services office that supports students’ holistically in academic, personal, and professional success. In doing so, the academy works to shape students as leaders taking charge of their own college experience with a greater appreciation for self-awareness, resiliency, and humility as an ever-evolving individual. The SLA weekend is designed to transform students’ mindsets on academic success.

Programs such as the Student Leadership Academy, the Wingman Experience, etc. are supported by evidence-based research on student engagement, retention, and success. Research on effective advising for postsecondary education, transformational leadership, and models for student retention will be the driving philosophy in developing desired academy outcomes.

Student Support Services Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

SLO 1: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between personal responsibility and academic success.

SLO 2: Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively and professionally through verbal and written methods.

SLO 3: Students will demonstrate time management skills in balancing school, work, and personal life commitments.

SLO 4: Students will demonstrate cultural competencies in the classroom, lab, and clinical setting.

SLO 5: Students will demonstrate the ability to self-advocate with peers, faculty, and staff.

SLO 6: Students will demonstrate knowledge for identifying and utilizing resources to provide support for their success.

SLO 7: Students will demonstrate clinical readiness by completing clinical requirements and complying with clinical policies.

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