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After S.T.E.P. Up Events

At the conclusion of the Student Leadership Academy, students are expected to:

  • gain an understanding of transformational leadership theory and its significance in developing their abilities as health care leaders
  • learn to use the clinical nursing handbook in modifying behavior to reflect best practices in patient care and to further develop their professional identities as student nurses
  • develop critical thinking skills by comparing useful vs. less useful information to solve problems
  • build a sense of community through their minds, their hearts, their voices, and their ears to constructively engage and collaborate with one another
  • examine their source of motivation (intrinsic or extrinsic) and how their decisions can impact their success
  • learn to communicate effectively (verbal and nonverbal) to develop relationships, manage conflicts, and work across differences
  • learn to exhibit ethical behavior, including a commitment to social justice, engaging in social responsibility, and serving as a positive change agent
  • learn healthy coping mechanisms by creating effective, long-term strategies to deal with stressors associated with life responsibilities
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