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Philosophy and Motto

Transformational leadership will be the driving philosophy in developing students’ identity from college student to professional nursing student. Transformational leadership is an ideal approach for nursing students that requires consistent diligence and ownership of patient care delivery.

It is the “service before self” that enables a nursing professional to provide the best possible care while respecting the standards of the organization they work for. The transformational leadership theory will be delivered throughout the year in the 5 practices and 10 commitment approach.

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The motto for this year’s academy, “Fulfilling a Promise,” is inspired by Daniel Rodriguez’s book, Rise: A Soldier, A Dream, A Promise Kept. The book details Rodriguez’s experience in the U.S. Army and a promise made to a fellow soldier to pursue his dream of playing college football. After earning a Purple Heart and the Bronze Star, Rodriguez kept his promise and earned a starting player position at Clemson University.

Students will read this book to help them understand the hard work and motivation required to keep a promise—in this case, a promise made to themselves to become a nurse. Students are required to complete an assignment based on this book. See the Student Leadership Welcome Packet for more details.

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