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These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are designed to assist you in applying to and enrolling in the Second Degree Accelerated BS in Nursing Program (ABSN)

Only Fall admission· There is a summer course, late July – mid August (4 weeks)- 3 credit course (non-matriculated) Then the fall semester begins around September 1st. The clinical rotation will be the following week.

This is a 17-month hybrid, full time program / 59 credits. No PT options (no evening or weekend program option offered)

  1. 59 total nursing credits
  2. 38 classroom (course) credits
  3. 21 clinical credits

Students will be required to come to campus 1-2 days a week for labs and clinicals offsite.

The clinical locations are in the Southcoast area, some locations are in Fairhaven, Fall River, New Bedford, Providence, Wareham areas.

The estimated cost of the program is $44,000 including books, supplies and uniforms. However, every year this cost is re-evaluated and may need to be adjusted.

It is recommended students who have a score of 2.7 or higher apply. The committee takes a holistic view of a file and takes everything into consideration. If you do not have a GPA of 3.0 or better, one should have a strong TEAS score and higher academic scores (as recommended) in the prerequisite courses.

We do not transfer credits into the program, we just check to make sure you have completed the prerequisite courses.

No; we accept prerequisite courses from any time they are taken

The TEAS is a Teaching Essential Academic Skills exam (like a glorified SAT); Registration can be done through the ATI Testing website and be taken anywhere

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences does not accept pass/fail grades. However, you can contact the registrar of that college or university and have the grade converted into a letter grade.

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