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CVPA Computer Requirements

Computer Requirements


In order to better prepare you for the demands of the visual and performing arts fields, CVPA supports Apple and PC computer platforms for students who are considering a major in one of the following fields: Art Education, Art History, Artisanry (Ceramics, Jewelry/Metals, Textile Design/Fibers, Furniture Design), Visual Design (Illustration, Graphic Design, Photography, Digital Media), Fine Arts (2D Painting, 3D Sculpture), and Music.

An individual computer is now necessary for work in first-year studio classes, as well as in your chosen major. Please refer to the departments’ specifications for personal computers. Students who are transferring to UMass Dartmouth from other institutions are included as specified by the respective department.

Owning or leasing a laptop computer will provide more time to complete assignments and collaborate with fellow students while developing expertise with the technology. Compatibility issues with personal computers are greatly reduced when students use the same hardware and software utilized in the classroom or studio.

Students wishing to configure personal computers should follow departmental guidelines for his or her major:

Note: For University pricing, please visit the UMass Dartmouth Apple Education Store

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office has funding options available for students wishing to use financial aid to cover the purchase of a laptop: www.umassd.edu/financialaid/resources/welcome/cfm

  • An allowance of up to $4,000 has been established for the purchase or lease of a personal computer, printer, and associated hardware and software. Students wishing to purchase or lease a personal computer should indicate their request in writing to the Financial Aid Services Offices, including any purchase documentation available (invoice, vendor cost estimate).
  • Student eligibility is limited to loan funding only, including Federal Direct Loan or various private loan programs.
  • Students must meet all Federal and institutional financial aid eligibility requirements including matriculation into a degree program, enrollment at least halftime, and filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

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