Undergraduate Programs in Biology

Our undergraduate program prepares students for B.S.-level positions in:

  • Biology Undergraduate Image 1biomedical, marine, and environmental research;
  • biotechnology;
  • government agencies;
  • marine and environmental consulting companies; and industry.

Our graduates are also well prepared for advanced study leading to M.S., Ph.D., M.D., and D.V.M. degrees.

Our program provides students with core courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Students then may select from a diverse array of upper-level elective courses in general and marine biology.


The course of study for students majoring in biology is fairly structured. In their first and second year, students take basic courses in science, mathematics, and English. During their junior and senior years, students can choose upper-level biology electives that are of interest to them and will prepare them for different types of careers in biology.

Most of the college and general education distribution requirements are taken in the junior and senior years. Students should consult with their faculty advisor in planning their course schedules each semester. An appointment with the advisor is necessary before students can register for courses.

View the list of required undergraduate courses (PDF).

View a list of upper-level electives (PDF).

Advising Tracks

For students interested in particular career areas in biology, we have created advising tracks listing suggested courses.

All links are PDFs

Internship Opportunities

Students also have the opportunity to obtain experiential learning opportunities with area institutions. Past students have completed credit-bearing internships with the Marine Biological Laboratory, Buttonwood Park Zoo, SEA Lab, the Lloyd Center for the Environment, and veterinary hospitals, among others. Students also may work as research assistants in faculty research laboratories.

Becoming a Biology/Marine Biology major

Biology Undergraduate Image 2Potential freshmen
Interested in applying to the Biology/Marine Biology program at UMass Dartmouth?  If you are still in high school, make sure you take as many math and science courses as possible so you will be prepared for university-level work. Visit Admissions for more details.

Potential transfer students
If you are transferring from another college or university, please make sure the math and science courses are equivalent to the ones required by our program.  Many of our courses are offered only once per year, so you might experience a delay in meeting graduation requirements if you have to wait to take courses.  Therefore, careful planning of your coursework, especially at the community college level, is advised. 

UMD students wishing to change your major to biology
The demand for the biology major is high, and the curriculum is very challenging.  We need to determine if you are likely to be successful in the biology major by reviewing the math and science courses you have taken so far and your GPA.