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Prospective Liberal Arts Majors

Welcome prospective majors!

Curious about the Liberal Arts Major? View the LAR Homepage for an overview of the major, then learn more about a major that you can

  • tailor to meet your own interests in the Social Sciences and/or Humanities,
  • use to advance your understanding of the world and ability to think critically, and
  • offer to the many employers who will look favorably on your degree.

How to decide on the LAR Major

About declaring the LAR Major

  1. UMass Dartmouth students and students transferring to UMass Dartmouth who wish to declare LAR as a major must carry a GPA of 2.0.
  2. To declare the major, you must contact Liberal Arts.
  3. You must select your two concentration areas when you declare. See Choosing Your Concentration for ideas about making your two concentration choices.
  4. You will be assigned an academic advisor when you declare, and you've reached 45 credits or above.

What else?

Potential new or transfer students: check out Admissions.

Contact Liberal Arts to chat about LAR. We welcome questions or comments about information, your personal interest in LAR, or your concerns.

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