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US District Court Database


The Carp-Manning U.S. District Court Case Database contains decision-making data on 110,000+ decisions by federal district court judges handed down from 1927 to 2012.   The dataset includes coded decisions published in the Federal Supplement, the primary publication venue for U.S. district court rulings.  This data is a resource for scholars who conduct quantitative research on the federal courts and complements the U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Courts of Appeals databases.

The data have been compiled by Robert A. Carp, Professor of Political Science at the University of Houston (email:, and Kenneth L. Manning, Professor of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth (email:

Suggested citation: Robert A. Carp and Kenneth L. Manning. 2016.  “U.S. District Court Database.” 2016 version n=110977.  URL:
(Note: the version code references the case n in the database.  This may change over time)

More information on the US District Court Database

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