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Brazil and Latin America


  • This is the website for Globo, a major Brazilian television network which features a wealth of information as well asa variety ofonline multimedia components.
  • Another excellent website, this links to the Biblioteca Nacional Sem Fronteiras, an online library with a searchable databaseincluding many rare manuscripts available for online viewing in .pdf format.
  • This link provides online access to the Folha de São Paulo, a major Brazilian newspaper.
  • An excellent resource for current or prospective students at all levels, Universia Brasil provides extensive information on Brazilian universities andscholarships.
  • The official website of the Ministério da Educação of Brazil.
  • An excellent website which offers live streaming radio for all major Brazilian stations.
  • - This site features book-reviews, news reports, interviews, and original Brazilian, Luso-African, and Portuguese literary titles for free download.
  • This is the official website for the Jornal do Brasil, "o primeiro jornal brasileiro na internet".
  • -This is the site of the Magazine ofPoetry and Culture "Sibila" published in São Paulo by the Publishing house Atelier. The chief editor is the poet Regis Bonvicino and some co-editors are famous American scholars and writers like Marjorie Perloff and Charles Bernstein.
  • - A Livraria Cultura is the largest bookstore in Brazil. It offers onlinepurchasing with an extended and secure international delivery system.
  • - This is the site of the virtual Brazilian magazine "Zunai." This magazine especializes in contemporary poetry and it is committed to promote debates toward poetry in our days. The director is the Brazilian poet Claudio Daniel.
  • - "Jornal de Poesia" is a virtual journal with information of poetry written in Portuguese. It contains biographic info about the authors on alphabetical list.
  • - The publishing house "Editora Iluminuras" is dedicated to publish modern Brazilian literature. The entire catalog can be accesed online as well as the volumes that are being prepared.
  • - The "Editora Perspectiva" is a famous publishing company directed by Jacó Guinsburg. It has various specialized collections and among them can be found the poetry collection "signos" directed by the famous poet Haroldo de Campos.
  • - The "Editora 7 Letras" is a publishing house engaged with the literary arena of Rio de Janeiro. The literary magazine "Inimigo Rumor"is one of its many publications.
  • - "Revista Critério" is a magazine engaged with critical thought, arts and philosphy. Every issue contains a special dossier about a relevant figure for the humanities. 

Latin America

  • http://www.jornada.unam.m - This is the official website of the majorand most important Mexican Newspaper. It is free online access and its columns contain articles from famous scholars and writers like Immanuel Wallerstein, Noam Chomsky and José Saramago.
  • The official site of the National Library of Peru, contains interesting links of exhibitions and e-books. Within its links can be found important literary pieces like the manuscripts of the poet Luis Hernandez.
  • This link offers a wide perspective of the academic life in Chile among scholarly publications and a directory of literary websites.
  • - The official website of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, the largest university in Latin America. This is an important resourcefor researches on many fields because it links to different journals and academicpublications.
  • - This is the site of Casa de las Americas, the most important literary association in Latin America and the Caribbean. Among its multiple links can be found publications, prizes and access to the catalog of thelibrary in Cuba.
  • - This is an excellent site to find relevant poets and writersfrom Spain and Latin America. It offers biographic information of the authors and representative samples of their work.
  • - This is the site of one of the largest publishing industries in Latin America. Among its many features can be viewed the vast catalog, news, releases, prizes, and links to the libraries in Latin America.
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