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US and Canada

  • - This is the official website for The American Portuguese Studies Association, founded in 1996 to promote scholarly research on the Portuguese-speaking world. The website is also home to APSA's official journal,Ellipsis.
  • - This website is home to the Portuguese-American Leadership Council of the United States, an organization designed to foster cultural awareness among Luso-Americans, as well as to promote ties between the peoples and governments of the U.S. and Portugal.
  • This site, home to CIRV Radio in Toronto, Canada, features live streaming radio in Portuguese.
  • Home to the Newark, NJ-based LusoAmericano newspaper, this site also features an electronic edition available to registered subscribers.
  • A versatile and highly stimulating site, Arts and Letters Daily features "ideas criticism, culture, history, music, art, philosophy, aesthetics, literature, language, criticism, and debate."
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