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UMass Dartmouth PRME

Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME)

The Charlton College of Business (CCB) became a signatory of the United Nation’s Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) in March 2022As a signatory to the PRME initiative, the Charlton College of Business joins a global community of over 860 leading business schools across 99 countries around the world to build a more sustainable future by implementing PRME’s Six Principles and supporting the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

PRME’s six principles:

Purpose: We will develop the capabilities of students to be future generators of sustainable value for business and society at large and to work for an inclusive and sustainable global economy.

Values: We will incorporate into our academic activities, curricula, and organizational practices the values of global social responsibility as portrayed in international initiatives such as the United Nations Global Compact.

Method: We will create educational frameworks, materials, processes and environments that enable effective learning experiences for responsible leadership.

Research: We will engage in conceptual and empirical research that advances our understanding about the role, dynamics, and impact of corporations in the creation of sustainable social, environmental, and economic value.

Partnership: We will interact with managers of business corporations to extend our knowledge of their challenges in meeting social and environmental responsibilities and to explore jointly effective approaches to meeting these challenges.

Dialogue: We will facilitate and support dialogue and debate among educators, students, businesses, government, consumers, media, civil society organizations, and other interested groups and stakeholders on critical issues related to global social responsibility and sustainability.

As a signatory of PRME, CCB has access to a wide variety of resources, such as PRME’s:

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