Internships: an important part of your business education

  • Career preparation begins in your first year and progresses through each semester.
  • You complete assignments to build your career portfolio, participate in workshops, network with professionals, and receive individual coaching.
  • We work closely with the Career Development Center to help you find a great internship opportunity that can lead to your dream job.


Charlton internships

Charlton students are prepared to succeed in internships in many business disciplines.

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Prepare for your future

An internship is an excellent way to prepare for future employment—and to enhance your career and graduate school potential. Employers seek candidates with real-world experience, and internships give employers the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent.

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Internship criteria & credits

An internship is a professional learning experience that allows you to apply classroom theory to real-world situations. You can apply to earn course credit for internships that meet Charlton's criteria for experiental learning.

Charlton Internship Criteria

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