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This pamphlet is informational only. In addition to selecting a major area of study, the Charlton College of Business encourages students to enhance or augment their education to the fullest extent possible. Ways to do so are identified on the Enhancing Education with Charlton handout (PDF).

Change of Major Policy (Eligibility to transfer to the Charlton College of Business)

This form is informational only. Students who do not meet the eligibility to enter the Charlton College of Business will not be allowed to change their major until eligible. A discussion with an Academic Advisor is recommended. Read Change of Major Policy for more information.

Dual Major Policy

The Dual Major Policy handout (PDF) is informational only. It is suggested that a discussion and careful planning with an Academic Advisor take place prior to declaring a double major.

Pass/Fail Course Policy

The Pass/Fail Course Policy form (PDF) is informational only.

Late Withdrawal From Courses

The Late Withdrawal From Courses form (PDF) is informational only.


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