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Maximize your Charlton education

Charlton students succeed when they:

  • work hard in their classes
  • achieve a GPA of 3.0
  • get involved with Charlton student organizations
  • complete an internship
  • attend career fairs
  • take advantage of UMass Dartmouth's resources

Join a student organization

Charlton offers a number of student organizations that provide opportunities to meet professionals in the your area of study, engage in lively discussions, and create a network of valuable contacts.

Participate in an internship

Practical experience complements and reinforces what you have learned in the classroom. An internship may also improve your prospect of future employment. Charlton’s internship program is structured, supervised, and offers the equivalent of a three-credit course. The internship is an optional program offered to juniors and seniors students. Internships at Charlton

Select a minor

You may select a minor course of study from within the College of Business or from outside the college (such as sociology, economics, etc.)—or both.

Generally, you can officially declare a minor when you have:

  • completed at least 54 credit hours
  • an overall grade point average of 2.5

It’s important to think about a minor early in your academic career—you can minimize the need to take extra courses by advance planning with an academic advisor.

business minor can complement and supplement your business major.

non-business minor typically consists of six to eight specifically identified courses. Five of those courses can also fulfill the non-business electives in your major, thus reducing the remaining courses in the minor to a very manageable number. 

Study abroad

Exciting opportunities await when you decide to study abroad!

The International Programs Office, in conjunction with Charlton College of Business, encourages and supports students in arranging study abroad at a four-year college or university—where you can earn credits toward your degree requirements. Summer, semester, and academic year options are available.

It’s important to begin planning early for this experience.

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