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Charlton College of Business offers undergraduate programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. Our programs are designed to prepare you for varied and promising careers in business leadership—whether within major corporations, private enterprises, entrepreneurship, or the public sector.

The Charlton College of Business also offers an online Bachelor of Science in General Business Administration degree. This Bachelor of Science is a degree completion program for students who matriculate with courses completed at other colleges and universities. It is designed for maximum flexibility so that graduates can succeed in a variety of management positions. 

In addition, UMass Dartmouth's Online & Continuing Education offers courses in business. However, not all the majors in the College of Business may be completed through Online & Continuing Education. Please contact a University Extension academic advisor for more information.


Students take 60 credit hours of their graduation requirements in courses from within the College: core business requirements as well as the requirements of the major.

The remaining 60 credit hours are from outside the College of Business, completing university general education requirements and non-business elective courses.

Specific information and course requirements for majors