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Business Undeclared

You know you want to study business, but you’re not sure of which field. Charlton College of Business introduces students who are undeclared to an array of disciplines to help you make an informed decision about your major.

You’ll have the first three semesters to experience classes in programs like

We help you choose a major

  • You’ll consult with faculty and career advisors to identify where you want to go in your career
  • You’ll work with the Career Development Center to self-assess and explore your interests as well as various majors and careers.
  • You can participate in student organizations that can help you focus your interests
  • You can gain hands-on work experience through Charlton’s internships

Your curriculum

  • A typical course load is 12 to 15 credits per semester. Once 45 credit hours have been accumulated, you must declare a major. Each major requires 27 credit hours or 9 courses.
  • Generally, each major has 24 credits of coursework within the major and a 3-credit business elective. A business elective is any 300-400 level course in the College.
  • Once you have chosen your major, you will have an advisor in the college who can help you plan the rest of your curriculum.

Internship placements

Internships generally take place in your junior or senior year after you have declared a major. Charlton students have internships in virtually every field of business, as well as healthcare, government and nonprofit organizations.

Career placements

UMassD graduates can be found throughout the Commonwealth and around the globe from start-ups to multinational corporations. We prepare you to work in any type of organization, and we help you set your career path

Student success

Capri McLucas '23: A meaningful experience

Accounting and MBA 4+1 student made the most of her time on campus.

Charlton College of Business mean starting salary:

NACE Data Collection of Class of 2023 Undergraduate Alumni

UMassD advantages

  • Gain hands-on work experience through Charlton’s internship programs
  • Consult with faculty and career advisors to identify where you want to go in your career—and how to get there
  • Participate in the many activities sponsored by more than 100 students organizations including DECA
  • Benefit from advanced management and leadership education through Charlton's 30 credit MBA program for business majors
  • Integrate advanced management study with a law school education through the joint MBA/JD program with UMass Law


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