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Charlton benefits

Charlton College of Business develops next-generation innovators, entrepreneurs, and business professionals through a variety of academic programs that emphasize skill development and the practical application of concepts.

Rigorous courses include teamwork, field projects, and oral presentations that result in cutting-edge solutions to complex business issues. Charlton offers undergraduate and graduate degrees leading to advanced career options.

In addition to the discipline-specific content provided by each class, a variety of learning goals across the Charlton core classes supports the development of the broad base skills required today in business:

  • written communication
  • ethics/social responsibility
  • global business
  • Oral communication
  • problem solving/Critical thinking
  • analytical skills
  • information literacy/technology
  • teamwork 
  • career development

Top 10 Charlton Advantages

1. Employers recognize the quality of your AACSB-accredited degree.

AACSB accreditation is the "gold standard" for a quality business degree. Charlton offers you the distinction of an AACSB-accredited school and the value of a highly regarded public university. ‌

2. Charlton’s value goes beyond ROI.

Affordable Colleges ranks UMassD as #6 out of 50 most affordable public schools for in-state students and #17 out of 50 for out-of-state students. Affordability doesn’t limit your access to incredible opportunities like study abroad options that can take you around the globe, in virtually every field.

3. Courses are taught by renowned faculty with real-world experience.

You receive a high-quality education from professors who bring practical experience from corporate, consulting, and entrepreneurial backgrounds into the classroom.

4. Charlton offers the convenience of online degrees.

Whether you are pursuing your undergraduate or graduate degree, our online programs are highly ranked for quality. We offer a BS in General Business Administration, an online MBA and an MS in Healthcare Management.

5. Charlton builds your leadership and practical skills.

Career development programming (which includes interviewing training sessions, resume writing, an “elevator pitch” competition, and networking events) offer you the opportunity to fine tune skills that will support your career. Charlton also boasts 10 faculty-guided, student-led business organizations to help hone your business and networking skills.

6. Learn to present ideas with confidence.

Group work and projects set the stage for numerous oral presentations with Q&A. As a student, you will build confidence and perfect your oral presentation skills through repeated practice.

7. We prepare you for the job market.

Class activities explore career opportunities and emphasize group projects and fieldwork with local businesses so that undergraduates and graduate students gain hands-on experiences. We actively support undergraduates to find internships. You’ll be prepared for your first job as well as your moves up the career ladder.

8. Gain an entrepreneurial advantage.

Our business curriculum requires you to analyze situations, evaluate options, and develop creative solutions so that you can be prepared to contribute in any organization, or start your own business. Whether you choose to participate in our business-development competitions or you connect with high-tech startups at UMassD’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, you’ll have opportunities to develop your inner entrepreneur.

Pitch a new product, service, or experience at the Corsair Idea Challenge on Dec. 1!

9. New Learning Pavilion offers enhanced classrooms and study areas.

The new 22,000-square-foot Charlton Learning Pavilion comprises “smart” classrooms, group study areas and various state-of-the-art areas to provide business students and faculty with an inspiring and technology-rich environment for teaching and learning.

10. Location matters.

UMassD is located in a vibrant coastal community minutes from major retail shops and a variety of dining experiences. Boston, Cape Cod, and Providence, are between 30 to 60 miles from the University. For lovers of the Atlantic surf, Demarest Lloyd Park and Horseneck beaches are just down the road.

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