Feature Stories 2023: Adam Horowitz '23: A dream internship

Adam Horowitz pictured pitching against Bridgewater State University.
Horowitz pictured pitching against Bridgewater State University
Feature Stories 2023: Adam Horowitz '23: A dream internship
Adam Horowitz '23: A dream internship

Senior marketing major and baseball player confirms passion for coaching in Cape Cod League internship

Why UMassD?

What brought you here?

"I was being recruited for baseball and UMassD had the best baseball and best educational programs I could find. I wanted to go into the business world, but didn’t love math, so I chose marketing for my major."

On the mound

When being recruited, what stuck out about the UMassD’s baseball team?

"The close-knit group they had and how much the coaches cared about the players. My favorite thing about the baseball team here is my teammates and our coaching staff. Our coaching staff does such a great job with us and do as much as possible to help us on and off the field. Coach Prince has done his best to set me up with many opportunities after college."

Did you ever expect to go viral?

"I never expected that to happen. It was my first time pitching in college and luckily my dad was there and wanted to capture that moment and he had the camera out and caught the whole thing on video. I didn’t think it would blow up like that."

You've probably seen the hidden ball trick, but freshman Adam Horowitz pulled off the hidden pitch trick for the Corsair baseball team down in Florida. It even impressed ESPN's SportsCenter, which has featured the video on its Twitter & Instagram pages #d3baseball #UMassDTogether #CorsairCrew

Posted by UMass Dartmouth Athletics on Thursday, April 9, 2020

Internship experience

When and where did you intern? What was the name of your position?

"Last summer I interned with the Wareham Gatemen as a On-Field Operations Intern and Bullpen Catcher."

As a baseball player and fan, would you call this a dream internship?

"This was really a dream internship. I got to work with some of the best coaches in the country and some very good baseball players who ended up getting drafted. Not to mention I was able to go to Fenway Park and be on the field during our players’ pro workouts and be active during our game at Polar Park where the WOO-SOX play."

What did your day-to-day role look like?

"Our day usually began at 2 p.m. setting up the field, batting practice, and I would throw to the guys and hit ground balls. After that I’d catch for the bullpen before the game started at 6 p.m. As games began, I would warm up the starting pitcher and relievers throughout the course of the game."

Did you learn anything about yourself working in such a role?

"I learned how much I was actually capable of when helping and coaching guys my age who play at such a high level. I would love to get a graduate assistant job coaching a baseball team and then start a career coaching in a baseball environment."

Looking back

What was your favorite class?

"Any marketing class with Professor Steven White."

Do you have a favorite memory here?

"Probably the 6 a.m. practices."

Do you think you made the right choice coming here?

"I couldn’t have made any better choice."

Can you describe your time at UMassD in one word?


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Adam Horowitz pictured working in internship for the Wareham Gatemen baseball team.
Horowitz pictured in Fenway Park working for the Wareham Gatemen baseball team