Feature Stories 2023: Maggie McCafferty '24, '25 reflects on the impact of scholarship support

Maggie McCafferty Field Hockey headshot
Feature Stories 2023: Maggie McCafferty '24, '25 reflects on the impact of scholarship support
Maggie McCafferty '24, '25 reflects on the impact of scholarship support

Bioengineering major, student-athlete, and scholarship recipient Maggie McCafferty found UMass Dartmouth to be her perfect fit.

Student-athlete and Bioengineering major Maggie McCafferty found community and a sense of purpose at UMassD. She says the scholarship support she received has allowed her to enjoy the full college experience and pursue her goal of becoming a biomedical engineer.

Why did you choose UMass Dartmouth?

"I chose UMass Dartmouth for a few reasons. I liked that the location is close to home for me. I also was excited to have the chance to play field hockey and pursue a rigorous academic program at the same time. I love the diversity of the student population and the size of the campus community. When I came to visit, it just felt like a perfect fit."

What do you think makes UMassD special?

"That community feeling and sense of closeness make this place special. Small class sizes make it easy to get to know my classmates. My professors know me by my first name. Even the layout of the campus makes you feel connected to a central hub. But, at the same time, you have access to big opportunities outside of UMassD. In October, I got to attend the Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX with six other UMassD students."

How did you get interested in bioengineering? What about it is most interesting to you?

"I always liked science and math, and I come from a family of healthcare professionals; my mother is a nurse, my father is a firefighter, and two of my siblings are in nursing school. There are many different things you can do with bioengineering, but I’m most interested in how bioengineering can be applied in healthcare settings. Biomedical engineers work to develop everything from medical masks to MRI machines. With a concentration in biomedical engineering, I plan to work with prosthetics and related medical devices."

Tell us about the scholarships you've received. How has your scholarship support affected your education and your life?

"Coming here on scholarships allowed me to focus on school and athletics because I didn’t have to get a part-time job to help pay my tuition. I’m able to live on campus and have the full college experience because of my scholarship support. I also have siblings in college, and it’s rewarding to know that I’m helping my family by paying for my education through scholarships."

Maggie McCafferty has received the following scholarships:

  • Rick Pitino Presidential Scholarship
  • McCoy Family Endowment Scholarship
  • Charles W. Fifield Jr Scholarship
  • Scott C. Faulkner Memorial Scholarship
  • Wilkens Bioengineering Freshman Scholarship
  • Dean’s Scholarship

"I’m going to graduate with little to no debt, and I’m going to get my master’s degree through the 4+1 Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology program at UMassD, thanks to the support I’ve received. It really is worth all the time and effort it takes to apply for scholarship funding."

Has anything surprised you about your experience at UMass Dartmouth?

"I have loved meeting 'my people,' at UMassD. I’ve formed great connections with roommates, teammates, classmates; everywhere I go on campus, there is someone I could go get lunch with. I didn’t really know that could happen in college. I grew up in a very small town, so I didn’t expect to find such strong friendships in a bigger community. But it’s a very close-knit campus."