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EGR 500 Information

EGR 500 Information


Curricular Practical Training (CPT) information is available from

International Student & Scholar Center website. If you need CPT work permission for an internship job, you are required to register EGR500 course.


In order to register for EGR 500 course, a student needs to:


  • Obtain a support letter describing work responsibility to prove the merit of the internship from the industry sponsor.
  • Prepare a proposal that describes the project objective and outcome.
  • Fill out the EGR 500 course registration form
  • Find one faculty sponsor and get approval.
  • Submit the form and the proposal to CIS department office.


The minimum requirements for an internship to qualify earning EGR 500 credits are:

  • Demand skills at least on the level of junior or senior CS students.
  • Should be on-site to gain industry experience.
  • Should be paid at reasonable rate.


In order to complete EGR500 course, the student needs to:

  • Submit a report to the faculty sponsor no later than 1 month after the course period ends.
  • Make a presentation to the graduate committee.


EGR500 Proposal Outline

Proposal Title:  EGR 500 Project Proposal

Student Name (your name):

Faculty Sponsor Name:

Project objective:

Project description: (including how it relates to your study here and how it would help you in your future career)

Project outcome: expected results(should be related to the job description in your offer letter)


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