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Scholarship awardees

Congratulations to all of our scholarship recipients. To view a list of awardees by discipline, click on the accordion below. Special thanks to all of our generous donors for their continued support of our students, and to the scholarship committees as well as faculty and staff who helped plan and facilitate student success.

The College of Engineering generously awards scholarships to students based on need and merit. We invite engineering students to view our List of Scholarships and encourage you to apply based on eligibility.

"Celebrate your accomplishments with your family - your scholarship, achievements, and service to your department and our college, campus and community. Also, use this as an opportunity to thank the people in your lives who have made your achievements possible."

Jean S. VanderGheynst, Dean, College of Engineering

College of Engineering

Dr. Jean VanderGheynst, Dean

John I. Babbitt Scholarship
Recipients: Shane Almeida (CEN), & Dylan Tocci (CPE)

Henry F. Cygan Endowment Scholarship
Recipient: Tabitha Breault (MNE)

John A. Freeman Scholarship
Recipient: Alan Andonian (MNE)

Scott Cory Faulkner Memorial Scholarship
Recipients: Nicholas Ballirano (BNG), Okan Canaran (BNG), Jacqueline Horgan (BNG), & Breana Thibodeaux (BNG)

Howard, Dr. W. John Engineering Scholarship
Recipient: Matthew Grota (MNE)

Everett S. Johnson Scholarship
Recipient: Kaitlyn Hart (ELE)

Brenda Karnasiewicz-Freese Scholarship
Recipient: Breana Thibodeaux (BNG)

Keigher, Gertrude Scholarship
Recipient: Katherine McCombs (CEN)

Gene and Ruth Mogilnicki Scholarship in Engineering
Recipient: Dylan Tocci (CPE)

Rego Family Scholarship Agency
Recipient: Shanke Almeida (CEN)

Santos Family Engineering Endowment Scholarship
Recipient: Alan Andonian (MNE)

Santos Family Engineering Endowment Scholarship Agency
Recipient: Alan Andonian (MNE)

Nicholas L. & Ada A. Scarpitti Scholarship Fund
Recipient: Ashton Gnoza (MNE)

Robert W. Thompson Scholarship
Recipient: Matthew Grota (MNE)

Turbak Family Scholarship
Recipient: Marcel Vieira (CPE)

Turbak Family Scholarship Agency
Recipient: Marcel Vieira (CPE)

Donald Watson Scholarship
Recipients: Alex Amorim (ELE), Okan Canaran (BNG), Colin Klaes (ELE), & Dylan Tocci (CPE)

Dean’s Scholarship
Recipient: Joshua Steakelum (ELE/CPE)

College of Engineering Student Academic Excellence Award
Recipients: Marco Rocha (CEN) & Owen Tower (PHY)

College of Engineering Transfer Student Academic Excellence Award
Recipient: Blake Simmons (CIS)


Dr. Qinguo Fan, Chairperson

Harold Bannister Scholarship
Recipients: Madison Beaulieu, Kaitlyn Bernier, & Mitchell Pichette

Cranston Endowment Fund Scholarship
Recipients: Brooke DeSimone, & Ian Sullivan

Prof. Edmund J. Dupre Scholarship
Recipient: Anna Church

Faulkner, Scott C. Scholarship Agency
Recipients: Yousuf Shehadi & Okan Canaran

Charles W. Fifield, Jr. Co., Inc. Scholarship
Recipients: Nicholas Ballirano, Jacqueline Horgan, Yousuf Shehadi, & Rocco Vidaurre

Joseph W. Houth Scholarship
Recipients: Nicholas Ballirano, Dylan Bryda, & Rocco Vidaurre

Michael and Lisa Joyce Scholarship Fund
Recipient: Breana Thibodeaux

Albert Malick Scholarship
Recipients: Okan Canaran & Breana Thibodeaux

McCoy Family Endowed Scholarship
Recipients: Jacqueline Horgan & Shannon Kennedy

William F. Sullivan Memorial Scholarship
Recipients: Brooke DeSimone & Arune Vickneswaran

Textile Veterans Association
Recipients: Allison Leal

Student Leadership Award
Recipient: Mark DeSimone

Outstanding Researcher Award
Recipient: Mark DeSimone

Outstanding Academic Performance Award for Freshman
Recipients: Reagan Dasneves, Brooke DeSimone, & Arune Vickneswaran

Outstanding Academic Performance Award for Senior
Recipient: Kyle DiNunno

BNG Departmental Service Award
Recipient: Anna Church

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dr. Daniel G. MacDonald, Chairperson

Bertram Berger Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Shane Almeida

Prof. Allan L. Campbell Civil Engineering Award
Recipient: Marco Rocha

Donald & Sandra Wood Scholarship
Recipient: Katherine McCombs

John Foster Academic Excellence Award
Recipient: Muhammad Shaqeem Rosdi

Computer & Information Science

Dr.  Haiping Xu, Chairperson

Boleslaw Mikolajczak Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Recipient: William Kelley

Gerhard Neumann-L. Chang Scholarship
Recipient: Nathan LeBlanc

Howard, Dr. W. John Computer Science Scholarship
Recipient: Daniel Mello

Regina Rheault Scholarship
Recipient: Melanie Thibodeau

Brian Franconi Smith Memorial Prize
Recipient: William Kelley

CIS Faculty Award
Recipient: Joshua Carberry

CIS Graduate Faculty Award
Recipient: Alvin Thamrin

CIS Graduate Research Award
Recipient: Chetan Kumar

CIS Departmental Service Award
Recipients: Devin Cannistraro, & Liza Sousa

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dr. Antonio H. Costa, Chairperson

Professor Lester W. Cory Scholarship
Recipient: Marcel Vieira

Guimond Family Scholarship in Computer Engineering
Recipient: Dylan Tocci

Mata Sugni Devi Scholarship
Recipient: Alex Amorim

Regina Rheault Scholarship
Recipient: Jessica Salerno

Academic Excellence Award in Computer Engineering/ Electrical Engineering
Recipients: Abigail Rachel Keith, Cameron Scott Whittle, Jacob Brian Aubertine (Transfer Student), & Eric Sean Keefer (Transfer Student)

Academic Achievement Award in Computer Engineering/Electrical Engineering
Recipients: Olivia Grace de Freitas, Kevin George Prairie, Zachary Joseph Taylor, Jared Alves (Transfer Student), Eric Sean Keefer (Transfer Student)

ECE Departmental Service Award
Recipients: Olivia Grace de Freitas, Sakiynah Howard  Abigail Rachel Keith

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Wenzhen Huang, Chairperson

Ronald DiPippo Excellence in Thermodynamics Prize
Recipient: Christopher Meninno

John W. Hansberry, John Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Mohammed Shonar

Catlow Family Scholarship
Recipient: Alan Andonian

Catlow Family Scholarship Agency
Recipient: Alan Andonian

Academic Excellence Award in Mechanical Engineering
Recipients: Samuel Almeida, Christopher Meninno, Peter Nazih Tarabay


Dr. Jianyi Jay Wang, Chairperson

The John Dowd Scholarship
Recipient: John Sullivan

Prof. George Leung and Alumni Scholarship
Recipient: William Holman

Robert A. Melendes Memorial Merit Scholarship
Recipients: Tyson George, & Jack McDonald

PHY Departmental Service Award
Recipients: Alex Correia, Mckenzie Ferrari, & Trevor Robertson

Outstanding Senior Award
Recipients: Trevor Robertson, & Owen Tower


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