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S-STEM Program

NSF S-STEM Scholarship Program

The National Science Foundation's (NSF) Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) program seeks to increase the number of low-income, academically talented students with demonstrated financial need who earn degrees in engineering fields. The program leverages accelerated BS/MS programs and research efforts in the College of Engineering that support the maritime economy. It is designed to prepare master's-level students to address challenges in marine biotechnology, marine renewable energy, marine artificial intelligence and robotics, marine restoration, and water resources and protection. 

Recognizing that scholarships alone cannot address low retention and graduation rates in STEM, the program provides funds to institutions of higher education for scholarships and for establishing systems of high-quality, evidence-based curricular and co-curricular activities that support student success. 

Scholarship Program Details 

Over its 6-year duration, this project will fund scholarships to 90 individual full-time UMass Dartmouth students who are pursuing accelerated graduate BS/MS degrees in engineering. Students will receive one-year scholarships of up to $10,000 in the master's year of study. The amount awarded will be based on unmet financial need after other grants, scholarships, and fellowships are applied to the student's cost of attendance.  


To be eligible for S-STEM scholarships at UMass Dartmouth, students must be low-income, academically talented students with demonstrated financial need and be enrolled full-time in a BS/MS (4+1) program in the College of Engineering.  In addition, they must be U.S. citizens, permanent residents, nationals, or lawfully admitted refugees. 

How to Apply 

Interested students should apply for the BS/MS accelerated master’s degree program before the beginning of their senior year. Once accepted to a BS/MS, students may submit their FAFSA and apply for the S-STEM Scholarship through the Corsair Scholarship Portal.

S-STEM Program Benefits

In addition to providing scholarships, the S-STEM funding provides programming to assist students in pursuing careers after they complete their MS degree.  Each fall semester, all 4+1 students in their master's year are welcome to attend weekly workshops. These include fun team building activities, resume workshops, career fairs, entrepreneurship opportunities, mental health and opportunities to share your research progress with your peers. In the spring semester there are seminars provided in the “Why Grad School?” program.  Juniors in the college of engineering are encouraged to attend these seminars to explore why pursuing a graduate degree may be beneficial and of interest. 

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