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Introduction to Engineering & Computing

‌To succeed in their fields, today's engineers must:

  • Be multi-skilled, multi-faceted, and multi-disciplinary
  • Be able to collaborate on projects with engineers from different disciplines
  • Possess strong skills in communication and teamwork
  • Have an understanding of all engineering disciplines

Introduction to Engineering and Computing, the college's innovative first-year course, provides you with experiences across the engineering disciplines. The course—better known as EGR 111—focuses on:

  • Skills essential to success in any engineering major
  • The design process as a whole, rather than on a specific major

You'll learn about the engineering professions and about integrating technologies in engineering systems.

Building teamwork skills & confidence

A primary focus of this integrated first-year course is your transition from high school to the demands of an engineering or computer science college curriculum. EGR 111 builds confidence, introduces teamwork skills, and provides hands-on experience. You'll work as part of a multi-disciplinary team on lab design projects.

‌Positioning you for career success

EGR 111 is taught using active and collaborative learning techniques. A key goal is to improve student success and retention across the engineering disciplines.

Through early immersion in multi-disciplinary engineering activities, you'll be on your way to academic and career success.

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