The College of Nursing & Health Sciences is committed to high-quality education in a technology-rich environment this fall

CNHS is proactively preparing for either on-campus or online delivery of classes while maintaining quality instruction, faculty research, and supporting operations to prepare students for a successful career.

Students in nursing labs

May 12, 2020

Dear College of Nursing and Health Sciences Students and Families,

As the dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) at UMass Dartmouth, I appreciate that this has been a difficult spring for you and your families. The COVID-19 pandemic is the severest public health challenge we’ve faced in a century, impacting all of us in various ways. Please be assured that we are thinking of you all, and we ask that you please share this letter with your families.

I sincerely hope to welcome you back to campus in person in September. However, given the uncertainties around the pandemic, you should know that CNHS is proactively planning and preparing to respond to any eventuality. Our goal is to maintain the continuity of quality instruction, faculty research, and supporting operations to prepare you for a successful career.

Just like the health care organizations in which you will eventually be employed, we will continue teaching in a technology-rich environment whether a course is delivered online or in person. CNHS faculty and staff have done an amazing job this spring moving from in-class instruction and health agency clinical experiences to remote learning for more than 900 students. While we experienced some challenges, the outstanding commitment and effort of our faculty and staff had us up and running in just over a week. Our advising and student support services also quickly moved online, ensuring a seamless transition in providing students with critically needed support.  

We know you are looking forward to returning to an on-campus, in-classroom learning and health-care agency clinical experience in September—we are too! But if the health and safety of our community requires an alternative model, we will be ready. We’re fully committed to ensuring that your education at CNHS is of the highest quality and meets the standards and expectations of our accrediting and regulatory agencies.

We have a long prideful history of preparing highly successful nursing and medical laboratory science graduates who contribute to the health care work force regionally, across the Commonwealth, and beyond. While following public health guidelines, offering innovative delivery of courses, and collaborating with our health-care agency partners, CNHS remains committed to your education during the COVID pandemic. 

I hope this note finds you and your loved ones safe and well, and I very much look forward to greeting everyone face-to-face in the near future!

Best wishes,

Dean Kimberly Christopher

Departments College of Nursing Health Sciences