Nursing Scholarship Day celebrates students’ research and academic success

Held in honor of Sister Madeleine Clemence Vaillot, first dean of the College of Nursing

Undergraduate and graduate nursing poster contest winners with Dean Christopher
Poster presentation winners with Dean Kimberly Christopher (center) are, from left, Mary Brown ’19, Alexander Cerqueira ’21, Daniela Mahaney ’19, Dean Christopher, Sarah Holbrook ’19, Paula Rego ’19, and Julianne Walsh ’20.

The College of Nursing and the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing celebrated students’ achievements at the annual Sister Madeleine Clemence Vaillot Scholarship Day.

Held on April 23 in honor of Sr. Vaillot, a Dominican nun, registered nurse, and the first dean of the College of Nursing, the event showcases undergraduate and graduate nursing students' scholarship and research in a range of topics in nursing practice and health care. 

“Scholarship Day is a day to celebrate students’ research and scholarship,” said Jessica Mitchell, clinical assistant professor and chair of the event “Every day, our students strive to be up-to-date, both with their skills and their education. Scholarship Day is a way to showcase these achievements.”

The event follows two days of students’ research poster presentations that culminate in the awards ceremony. The following students are poster winners in the undergraduate and graduate categories.

First Place: Daniela Mahaney '19, “A Study of Nursing Student’s Knowledge Regarding Dementia Care”
Second Place: Alexander Cerqueira '21, “Polypharmacy: A Case Study”
Third Place: Mary Brown '19, “Understanding the Experience of Collegiate Athletics with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: A Qualitative Descriptive Study”

First Place: Julianne Walsh '20, “Concept Map: To Facilitate Reflection in Patients and/or Family Caregivers, Within the Context of Chronic Illness”
Second Place: Paula Rego '19, “Atrial Fibrillation Modifiable Risk Factors and the Role of the Inpatient Nurse”
Third Place: Sarah Holbrook '19, “Parent-Based Substance Use Prevention Programs and Parental Self-Efficacy”

The top GPA awards were given to Ashley Cheetham '19 (BS), Opal Menz '19 (RNBS), Sarah Holbrook '19 (DNP), and Melissa Lynn Desroches '19 (PhD).

College of Nursing Scholarship winners

Grace R. & Henry C. Lincoln, MD Scholarship
Anne Lamar '19

Marie M. Howard Scholarship
Abigayle Manchester '21

Jeanne Castonguay Violette Memorial Scholarship
Alexis Pereira '20

St. Luke’s Hospital Nursing Alumni
Alicia Philippe '20

Phyllis Porth Darrell Memorial Scholarship
Brianna Montville '21

Professor Emeritus Gail E. Russell Scholarship
Cara Christopher '20

Bristol South County Medical Auxiliary Scholarship
Emily Furtado '20

Eleanora S. Fontaine Scholarship
Jael Costa '22

Robert John Fisher Memorial Scholarship
Kamuso Asiegbunam '20

Sister Madeleine Vaillot Scholarship
Kelly Burke '20

Professor Jacqueline Bazinet Cobert Memorial Scholarship
Maeve Hennebury '21

Arlene M. Oliveira Scholarship Fund
Sabrina Costa '20

Rose Castonguay Memorial Scholarship
Victoria Woodward '20

Lepreau and Welch Scholarship
Ashley Greenidge '20

Truesdale Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association Scholarship
Hazel Wood '21

Scholarship Day committee members included Clinical Assistant Professor Jessica Hay and full-time Lecturers Teri Reynolds and Ashley Wilkinson.

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing is dedicated to improving the health of people worldwide by increasing the scientific base of nursing practice. To achieve this goal, the society is committed to furthering the use of nursing research in health care delivery as well as in public policy. Members include nursing scholars committed to the pursuit of excellence in nursing practice, education, research, and leadership. 

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