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The Center for Scientific Computing and Data Science Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth focuses on computationally-driven research that addresses the pressing needs of modern engineering, mechanics, fluid dynamics, and electromagnetics. The research groups at the Center span a wide range of the applied sciences departments at UMassD, including the department of mathematics. Our faculty member Sigal Gottlieb is its founding director.

The Dartmouth Innovations in Mathematical and Statistical Consulting (DIMASC) is a hub for University of Massachusetts Dartmouth faculty and students engaged in mathematical and statistical consulting in a broad sense.

The Kaput Center for Research and Innovation in STEM Education at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has been established in the spirit and vision of James Kaput, whose innovative thinking and leadership inspired many in the field of mathematics education. The purpose of this Center is to provide a focus and support for sustained investigation of foundational issues in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, issues that will be chosen to enhance and deepen ongoing research by its members and associates. 

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