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What is academic advising?

Academic advising is a relationship in which an academic advisor helps you select, plan, and complete your academic goals in a friendly and helpful atmosphere. You will want to work closely with your advisor to plan your program of study so you will take courses in their proper sequence to meet the graduation requirements for your degree program.

Political Science majors are strongly encouraged to visit with their faculty advisor on a regular basis, preferably at least once each semester, to insure that they are aware of the department’s major requirements and are making satisfactory progress toward meeting those requirements. Consultation with an adviser during registration each semester is required.

I'm a political science major—who is my advisor?

Each student is assigned a professor to be their academic advisor in the Political Science Department when they declare Political Science as their major. You can learn who your advisor is via your account in COIN.

How do I get in touch with my advisor?

Click here to access professors' office hours and contact information. 

What are the requirements I have to fulfill in order to graduate with a degree in political science?

The Political Science major tracking sheet is an easy-to-use guide listing the degree requirements for a B.A. in Political Science. To earn a degree in Political Science you must complete the major and GenEd/UStudies and College of Arts and Sciences requirements.

University Studies (UStudies) applies to students who entered the University as new Freshmen starting in Fall 2012 and afterward. The College of Arts and Sciences requirements can be found here.

The University undergraduate catalog is the official "rule book" of the various requirements and procedures for earning a degree at the University. If there is a question or conflicting information, consult the catalog.

Registration is occuring now—what classes should I take next semester?

Your academic advisor can assist you with understanding your degree and/or graduation requirements, and they can help you select courses during registration. But this stuff is ultimately your responsibility.

You cannot register for courses without first meeting with your advisor - your advisor is the person who can lift your advising "hold" and thus approve you to register for classes.

During the registration period, you should:

1.  Review your tracking sheet and degree map, and review what classes are being offered in the upcoming semester. 
2.  Select a list of courses that you want to take and that fulfill your major and/or GenEd/UStudies requirements.
3.  Make an appointment to meet with your advisor and review this list of courses with him/her.

You must keep and maintain a Political Science major tracking sheet to assist you and your advisor. This tracking sheet is crucial in helping you figure out which courses you should enroll in. Always bring your tracking sheet with you when you meet with your department advisor.

The Political Science degree map also provides assistance to students on what classes they should plan on enrolling in when they are freshmen, sophomores, etc.

I’ve got other questions—who do I talk to?

Your Political Science Department advisor is the person you should contact if you have further questions. You can learn who your advisor is via your account in COIN.

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