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Pre-Law Concentration

Pre-Law Concentration in Political Science

The Department of Political Science is pleased to offer a concentration in pre-law, specifically designed to help prepare political science majors for law school.

The concentration provides students the opportunity to focus on courses that have an emphasis upon law and courts, enabling students to build a foundation for future study in law school. The concentration does not require any more or less credits than the regular political science major.

Upon successful completion of each of the concentration's requirements, students' transcripts will denote the completion of the Pre-Law concentration in political science. This is a great way for students to make clear their intention to pursue law school and/or a legal career. Students looking to declare the Pre-Law concentration can complete the Undergraduate Major Minor Concentration Change Form under Student Forms.


Foundation Courses
Students take the same foundation courses as other PSC majors:
  •  PSC 101 Intro. to American Politics
  •  PSC 151 Intro. to Comparative Politics
  •  PSC 161 Intro. to International Relations
  •  PSC 171 Intro. to Political Theory

  •  PSC 305 Political Science Internship
Like all PSC majors, students must complete an internship. Pre-Law Concentration students must complete their internship in a law related field.

Upper Level Courses
Students selecting the Pre-Law Concentration have two additional constraints in their upper level electives. They must take:
1.  At least two courses focused specifically on the U.S. legal system:
  •  PSC 213 Law and Courts in Film
  •  PSC 322 Constitutional Law
  •  PSC 323 Civil Liberties and Rights
  •  PSC 347 Environmental Law and Policy
  •  PSC 400 Seminar in American Politics/Policy (Topic: Judicial Process)

2. At least two other courses that discuss law and courts in relationship to other aspects of the U.S. political system; or that discuss law and courts in other countries or the international political system:
  •  PSC 301 The Presidency
  •  PSC 302 Legislative Process
  •  PSC 306 Civil Rights Movements in the U.S.
  •  PSC 311 State Politics
  •  PSC 312 Massachusetts Politics
  •  PSC 331 Political Parties and Interest Groups
  •  PSC 384 International Law and Organizations

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