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Field Based Experiences: Outline

Diagram of Field Based Experiences - 6-2-2020

Diagram of field based experiences

Pre-service teacher field based experiences provide opportunities to apply coursework learning and theory to actual practice within a variety of classroom settings.

Outline of field based experiences & expectations

  EDU 536: FB Experience 1 EDU 537: FB Experience 2 EDU 538: FB Experience 3
Focus School structure Teacher Students
Kinds of activities Observations
Interact with key players
(administrators, teachers, etc.)
Focused observations
Attend planning meeting
Learning demographics
Interview with community
Study of school and its structures
Small group support
Listening to students
Attention to formative assessment: What is it? How is it used? What counts as formative assessment?
 Participation in teacher collaboration time
Focus on engaging in teaching
Teach 2-3 lessons or parts of lessons (PST1,3,4): engaging in teaching activities including co- teaching of whole group or small group instruction
Engage in common planning time with teachers 
Evidence of learning

Reflection on the culture of the school and the ways in which it supports high expectations.

This will include at least 3 pieces of evidence from fieldwork such as student work, mission statement for school, etc. as well as observation data.

Purpose of the evidence is to demonstrate the ways in which the teacher candidates interacted with the school environment.

Reflection on how a teacher creates a safe learning environment, meets diverse needs, and adjusts practice, as well as the ways in which the classroom is managed.

Evidence to be included in the reflection should include observations and interview with the classroom teacher.

There should be 3 pieces of evidence in this reflection, including a required interview focused on the role of the teacher.

Reflection on own experience as a teacher.

Evidence should be used to make a case for what went well and what changes you would like to make.   

Course alignment EDU 511
Culturally Responsive Curriculum & Instruction
EDU 547
Introduction to Special Education  
EDU 552
Sheltered English Immersion

EDU 452
Sheltered English Immersion  
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