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Welcome, employers

Charlton students bring knowledge, enthusiasm, dedication, and hard work to their internship experiences. Our students are well-prepared in business disciplines including:

  • accounting, banking, budgeting, finance, financial planning, investments, and insurance
  • customer service, marketing, sales, and social media
  • management, management information systems (MIS), and operations management

If you have an internship opportunity, we'd like to put a Charlton student to work for you!

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Internships, defined

An internship experience must provide the student with a professional learning experience and should consist of both supervised training and on-the-job learning experiences. Not all work experiences are internships. Jobs that merely require the student to perform clerical or routine tasks are not considered internships.

Every internship should have clearly defined beginning and end dates, and a job description that includes the desired qualifications. Internships may be paid or unpaid.

Each internship must include the following goals for the student intern:

  • Applying business theory to actual working situations
  • Gaining new knowledge by performing tasks, working on projects, and completing on-the-job learning experiences related to a business discipline
  • Developing a greater degree of self-direction in the learning process
  • Exploring a tentative career choice

Students apply directly to the internship provider (company, nonprofit or agency); it is the responsibility of the internship provider to screen resumes and to select candidates.

Internships for college credit

Charlton students have the opportunity to earn college credit for an internship. To be approved for credit, the internship must meet the above guidelines and demonstrate enough rigor to justify course credit.

Internship resources

Best Practices for Internship Providers


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