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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Charlton's graduate programs.

What are the MBA and MS application deadlines?

Fall admission:

  • International students: June 1
  • U.S. students: Rolling (full time)
  • Part-time or online students: Rolling

Spring admission:

  • International students: November 15
  • U.S. students: Rolling

After I apply, how do I know whether my application is complete?

To see what items are still needed, please check your application status.

Your password and PIN (needed to check your status) are sent via regular mail 10 days after you submit your application.

We update your online application status as soon as possible after new materials arrive.

Who should my letters of recommendation be from?

Choose people who can comment on your character and motivations for choosing the graduate degree program you’re applying for.

We encourage recommendations from professors, work supervisors, and/or people who have worked closely with you.

We want to know that you can handle an academically challenging curriculum, are motivated to pursue the degree program you’re applying for, and can succeed in a work environment.

Can I choose more than one concentration?

Yes, you may choose more than one concentration—there’s no limit on the number of concentrations you can choose.

What certificate is right for me?

Business Foundations. This certificate is preferred if you do not have an undergraduate business degree or at least a B grade in Statistics, Economics and Accounting coursework. The Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs can help you determine if the foundation courses can be waived for you.

Any other. If you are not required to take the foundation courses, choose the certificate that corresponds to the MBA concentration that best fits your interests or  needs. This allows you to complete all your electives prior to officially entering the MBA Program.

How do I know if my foundation courses are waived?

The Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs lets you know prior to the next semester’s enrollment.

When we evaluate your application, we decide if it's appropriate to waive your foundation courses. To be eligible for a waiver, you must have a B grade or better in an equivalent course.

For questions, contact the Assistant Dean.

Can I transfer in any courses?

Approval can be granted to transfer up to 6 credits from other colleges or universities.  Credits eligible for transfer must not have been used to earn another degree.  Supporting documentation such as syllabi and detailed course descriptions should be included with the request.

Approval form. Complete a prior approval form to ensure that the course is an equivalent course and that we will accept your credits. We recommend filling out this form prior to taking a class elsewhere if you might want to transfer it here.

We reserve the right to deny your transfer courses if a prior approval form was not completed whether the course was taken before you entered the program or during it.

Can I take courses prior to completing the application?

You may take up to 2 courses if you obtain prior permission from the Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs.

Can I take more than 2 courses if I want to enroll in the MBA or an MS program, but haven’t taken the GMAT.

You can enroll in one of our graduate certificate programs.

Depending on the certificate, 3-4 of those courses can count directly toward a Charlton degree. This allows you to enroll full-time, be in a program, and start earning graduate credits prior to taking the GMAT.

You cannot take more than the 4 certificate courses until you submit a completed application with all required documents. These documents include:

  • Statement of purpose (Minimum 300 words)
  • Resume
  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended (regardless if a credential is earned or not)
  • Official GMAT score (sent directly from the testing agency; copies/scans not accepted) Minimum required score total of 400. Waived only if certain criteria are met.
  • Two letters of recommendation

Can I apply for and pursue 2 Charlton graduate degrees at the same time without having to repeat a course that’s required for both degrees?

You can apply for 2 Charlton graduate degrees at the same time and, if admitted, pursue both simultaneously.

In pre-approved dual programs, the university allows up to 9 graduate credits (typically 3 courses) taken at UMass Dartmouth to be taken once and count towards 2 UMass Dartmouth graduate degrees.


What is the GMAT? When should I take it and how do I register for it?

The GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test; it is the entrance exam used by all the top business schools.

To have the best options for course registration, complete the GMAT no later than:

  • end of May for fall enrollment
  • end of November for spring enrollment

Register at:

There are many test dates and options available.

What is the ETS code for UMass Dartmouth?

Our ETS code is 3786.

ETS sends all score reports (GRE, GMAT, MAT, and TOEFL) directly to the Graduate Studies Office for processing.

A department designation is not required; if you wish, you may enter "00" for the department code.

What criteria do you use for admissions decisions?

We evaluate your application based on your GMAT score (or waiver credentials), undergraduate GPA, résumé, essay, letters of recommendation, and other information about you.

Is there a required minimum GPA?

We suggest that our applicants have a 3.0 GPA, but we consider all admissions criteria in making admissions decisions.

What are the minimum required TOEFL scores?

We require a minimum score of 550/213/79  (PBT/CBT/IBT) on the TOEFL for entrance to any program and for consideration for a teaching assistantship. 

IELTS score should be a 6.5 or higher.

Can you pre-evaluate my credentials before I apply?

We can’t evaluate your records prior to your applying to a graduate program.

We can answer general questions about program requirements and qualifications.


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