Selected faculty and principal areas of expertise

At Charlton, you’ll learn from:

  • faculty members who are among the leading scholars in their academic fields
  • adjunct faculty who are seasoned business professionals

Laura Forker

Education: PhD, Arizona State University

Areas of expertise:  healthcare management, service operations, process management, the business of aging.

Kellyann Berube Kowalski

Education: PhD, University of Rhode Island

Areas of expertise: organizational behavior; role theory, with specific interests in balancing work and family roles, managing diversity, and telecommuting; social support and work-family conflict

Jose D. Mora

Education: PhD, Simon Fraser University

Areas of expertise: marketing, measuring group consumption, group decision making, social influences, media audiences, consumption of entertainment and leisure services, statistical modeling

Duong Nguyen

Education: PhD, Florida International University

Areas of expertise: asset pricing, microstructure, and corporate finance

Christopher Papenhausen

Education: PhD, University of Minnesota

Areas of expertise: effects of managerial behaviors and personality on strategic decision-making

Bharatendra Rai

Education: PhD, Wayne State University

Areas of expertise: multivariate diagnosis/pattern recognition and data mining, applied statistics, prediction of unexpended warranty costs, field performance studies from large warranty datasets

Timothy Shea

Education: DBA, Boston University

Areas of expertise: the delivery and management of web-based learning and teaching technologies, corporate universities, end-user training, implementation issues around ERPs, ecommerce, communities of practice

Soheil Sibdari

Education: PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Areas of expertise: stochastic modeling in operations, economics, and statistics; modeling and analysis of logistics systems, including airline-industry problems, using simulation, mathematical programming, and statistical analysis

Kathleen Suchon

Education: PhD, State University of New York at Albany

Areas of expertise: strategic implications of organization structure, human-resource and country-based sources of private enterprise competitiveness, the global automobile industry, managerial implications of franchising

D. Steven White

Education: DBA, Cleveland State University

Areas of expertise: green business, seafood marketing and logistics, international services marketing, service exporting, global and social entrepreneurship, international marketing, global e-commerce

Gopala Vasudevan

Education: PhD, New York University

Areas of expertise: corporate finance, mergers, global and industrial diversification, corporate downsizing, equity capital, private equity, bankruptcy and financial distress

Jia Wu

Education: PhD, Rutgers University

Areas of expertise: accounting information systems and auditing, analytical controls in continuous auditing