Dario Borim Jr


Dario Borim, PhD he/him/his

Professor / Chairperson


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Liberal Arts 398K


1997University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesPhD in Hispanic & Luso-Brazilian Lit & Linguistics
1995University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesMA in English (Creative Writing)
1991University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesMA in Luso-Brazilian Literature
1987Universidade Federal de MInas GeraisBA in Languages & Literatures
1982Eastern Wyoming CollegeAA in Education


  • Minas’ Art & Culture
  • Gender & Society in Brazilian Cinema
  • Clarice Lispector
  • Tropicália
  • The Historical Novel by Women Writers





Continuation of POR 333. A survey of twentieth century Brazilian literature. Emphasis on major authors and literary periods. Attention is given to literary history and criticism.

Study under the supervision of a faculty member in an area covered in a regular course not currently offered. Conditions and hours to be arranged

Study under the supervision of a faculty member in an area covered in a regular course not currently offered. Conditions and hours to be arranged

Study of a specific topic, author or literary period from Portugal, Brazil, Lusophone Africa or elsewhere in the Lusophone World (Asia, Lusophone diaspora), as well as related advanced work in literary theory and cultural studies.


Research activities

  • The Autobiography
  • The Brazilian Cronica
  • Vanguard literature
  • Music and Romance in Modern Brazil
  • The Historical Novel


Research interests

  • Brazilian Literature
  • Brazilian Music
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Brazilian cronica
  • Cultural History of Brazil

Select publications

See curriculum vitae for more publications

  • Charles Perrone, Celia Bianconi and Dário Borim Jr (2014).
    , Crônicas brasileiras: A Reader
  • Dário Borim Jr. and Helena Jobim (2011).
    , Antonio Carlos Jobim: An Illuminated Man
    Best Translation Award 2013—Honorable Mention. New England Council of Latin American Studies
  • Dário Borim Jr. (2004).
    , Perplexidades: raça, sexo e outras questões sociopolíticas no discurso cultural brasileiro
  • Dário Borim Jr. (2021).
    A crônica brasileira urbana: um subgênero em transição
    Studia Romanica et Anglica Zagrebiensia (SRAZ), 65 (2021), 245-251.
  • Dário Borim Jr. (2018).
    From Brazil to Sweden to Brazil: Gender Trouble in Fernando Gabeira
    Via Atlântica, 33 (June 2018), 61-79.

Dário Borim Jr. is Professor of Portuguese at UMass Dartmouth. He is also translator, creative writer, concert producer, photographer and radio programmer. He holds a Ph.D. in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literature and Linguistics from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in literature, cinema, theater, and music. Borim's essays and translations have appeared in various anthologies, such as Poéticas da diversidade, by Ed. UFMG, Bodies and Biases: Issues of Sexualities in Hispanic Cultures, by Univ. of Minn. Press, and Latin American Writers on Gay and Lesbian Themes, by Greenwood Press. His writings have been included in books and periodicals from Brazil, Belgium, Croatia, England, France, Peru, Poland, Taiwan and the United States. Mainly adopting a socio-historical approach, Borim's academic publications discuss a plethora of genres, topics, and authors, including Gloria Anzaldua, Machado de Assis, Manuel Bandeira, Herbert Daniel, Fernando Gabeira, Bernardo Guimarães, Adrienne Kennedy, Clarice Lispector, Eliane Maciel, Rigoberta Menchú, Nelson Rodrigues, Sérgio Sant'Anna, Vera Sant'Anna, Piri Thomas, Caetano Veloso, Luis Fernando Verissimo, and Malcolm X.

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