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Mechanical Engineering BS/MS

This fast-track program enables well-qualified BS degree students in Mechanical Engineering to complete both the BS and the MS in nine fewer total credits. Students may take three graduate courses as their MNE BS-degree technical electives.


Outstanding mechanical engineering undergraduate students will be recruited during the second semester of their junior year. The Graduate Committee will select students who satisfy the admission standards and will send them letters inviting them to participate in the combined BS/MS program.

Students who wish to enroll in the program will indicate their intention to do so by filing an application for graduate school; they will not be required to take the GRE.

The Graduate Committee will use the following nominal criteria to select candidates:

  • GPA of 3.0/4.0 or higher after the completion of 75-credit hours or more;
  • Strong recommendations from faculty.

The department will follow a schedule:

  • Graduate Committee identifies qualified students: November
  • Graduate Committee sends invitation letters: November
  • Students/Advisors Develop Program of Study: November/December
  • Application filing deadline: January 1

Accepted students will be classified as graduate students after successfully completing at least 105 credit hours - typically in the spring semester of their senior year.

Progression to MS Study

Undergraduate degree requirements are fulfilled as they are now, except that the BS/MS student will take three graduate courses for technical electives, as is already allowed for our undergraduates. (If a student takes a graduate course to also be counted as an undergraduate technical elective and receives a grade less than a B-, the student must take an additional graduate course in order to satisfy the minimum requirements.) A savings in credits results because the three graduate courses count toward both degrees simultaneously, resulting in a reduction in credits from 157 (degrees separately acquired) to 148 (combined BS/MS program).

Five Year BS/MS MNE Curriculum (PDF)

Thesis Option: The student will fulfill the requirements for the MS degree exactly as they are in the existing thesis option MS program. Students will also be required to take MNE 570 - Reading and Research over the summer at the end of their senior year as preparation for completing their thesis in the spring of the following year.

Coursework Option: The student will fulfill the requirements for the MS degree exactly as they are in the existing coursework option MS program.

Maintaining MS Status

The department has determined a specific policy to monitor BS/MS students' performance and progression towards their BS and then MS degrees.