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MS in Computer Engineering

  1. The following four (4) courses are required of all Computer Engineering MS students:
    • A graduate math course that can be satisfied with one of the following courses: ECE 521, ECE 523, ECE 544, ECE 551, ECE 571, ECE 574, ECE 584, ECE 620, ECE 621, ECE 640, ECE 671, ECE 672, ECE 674, MTH 573, MTH 574 or another course approved by the student’s advisor;
    • ECE 560 Computer Systems Performance Evaluation;
    • ECE 562 Advanced Computer Architecture; and
    • ECE 565 Operating Systems

  2. A Depth Requirement: Two (2) courses must be taken, defined by the student’s advisor, in one of the following specialization areas:
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Cybersecurity
    • Data Analytics
    • Embedded Systems
    • Embedded Systems Security
    • Fault-Tolerant Computing
    • Internet of Things
    • Machine Learning
    • Multimedia Communications
    • Wireless Networks and Mobile Security
    • Networking
    • System Reliability Engineering

  3. A Breadth Requirement: Students must also take one (1) graduate course, defined by the student's advisor, from a specialization area different from that selected to satisfy the Depth Requirement.

  4. A Free Elective Requirement:
    • Students in the Thesis Track must also take one (1) additional ECE graduate course.
    • Students in the Non-Thesis Track must also take two (2) or three (3) additional ECE graduate courses.
    • Note: Non-ECE graduate courses in a closely related discipline require approval of the ECE Graduate Committee. 

Note: Students are required to satisfy prerequisite requirements for all graduate courses taken. In particular, Computer Systems (ECE 561) is a prerequisite for ECE 562 (Advanced Computer Architecture) except for those students who obtained their BS degree in Computer Engineering from UMass Dartmouth. For students pursuing the MS in Computer Engineering, ECE 561 will meet the Free Elective requirement and count toward the six-credit limit on 400-level courses.

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