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Logo C. Tang, L. Song, J. Balasubramani, S. Wu, S. Biaz, Q. Yang, H. Wang, "Comparative Investigation on CSMA/CA-Based Opportunistic Random Access for Internet of Things," IEEE Internet of Things (IoT) Journal, 2014. 

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R. Yao, W. Wang, M. Barough, H. Wang, Y. Qian, "Quality-Driven Energy-Neutralized Power and Relay Selection for Smart Grid Wireless Multimedia Sensor Based IoTs," IEEE Sensors Journal,vol.13, no.10, pp.3637,3644, Oct. 2013.

H. Su, M. Qiu, H. Wang, "Secure Wireless Communications System for Smart Grid with Rechargable Electric Vechicles," IEEE Communication Magazine, vol.50, no.8, pp.62-68, August 2012.


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