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The level of externally-funded research in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has increased dramatically in recent years. The principal research thrusts in the ECE Department are as follows:

Technology Domains

  • Acoustics, Communications, and Signal Processing
    • Applied acoustics (underwater engineering, electroacoustics, marine mammal bioacoustics)
    • Signal processing (DSP, speech processing and intelligibility, detection and estimation theory)
    • Wireless and multimedia communications
    • Dynamic spectrum access and cognitive radio
  • Electromagnetics and Photonics
  • Cybersecurity and Reliability
    • Network and system security
    • System reliability engineering
    • Risk analysis
  • Internet of Things (IoT) & Embedded Systems
    • Cyber-physical systems
    • Data science & artificial intelligence
    • Embedded system design
    • Sensor networks & devices

Application Domains

  • Marine & Underwater
    • Underwater acoustics, communications and sonar
    • Underwater sensor arrays and networks
    • Marine mammal bioacoustics
  • Healthcare & Quality of Life
    • Body area networks
    • Speech processing and intelligibility
    • Biomedical computing
  • Smart Infrastructure
    • Connected vehicles
    • Smart homes & grids
    • Artificial intelligence
  • Defense & Aerospace
    • Communications and sensing
    • Embedded systems security
    • Software intensive systems reliability

Department Facilities

Doctoral dissertations & masters' theses

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