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Room SENG-219

Electronics Laboratory


David Rancour, Associate Professor


43' X 23'


This room is outfitted with 12 stations and is used to support the undergraduate courses in Electronics (ECE 311 and ECE 312) and Digital Processing of Speech Signals (ECE 477).

Each station consists of equipment necessary to perform an array of tests and measurements on electronic circuits that students have previously constructed on breadboards. The E&L DD-1 Digi Designers have self-contained power supplies, switches, and indicator LEDs that are required for the analysis and testing of digital circuits.

A PC that is networked to a printer and software packages including Electronics Workbench, MATLAB, Microsoft Word, and Excel resides at each station. Students become proficient in the use of the software by using it to tabulate collected data, verify the experimental results by simulating the circuit under study, and to write their lab report.


  • ECE 311 - Digital Electronics
  • ECE 312 - Analog Electronics

Installed Software Packages

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