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Room SENG-220

Circuits Laboratory


David Rancour, Associate Professor


43' X 23'


The 12 stations in this room are used primarily to support the undergraduate courses in Circuit Theory (ECE 201 and ECE 202), the "service" laboratory course for Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering students (ECE 251), and the Digital Processing of Speech Signals course (ECE 477). The array of equipment in this room is similar to the equipment in room II-219.

As was the case for the neighboring room, SENG-219, each station is outfitted with a PC that is networked to a printer and the same software packages as previously described. The students are expected to make use of these tools while performing the experiment and in the writing of the lab report. The PCs are upgraded by the ECE Department's internal recycling process.

This facility serves as a "backup" lab to room SENG-219 and is used when the number of students to be accommodated in one section exceeds the capacity of one room.


  • ECE 251 - Elements of Electrical Engineering Laboratory
  • ECE 201 - Circuit Theory I
  • ECE 202 - Circuit Theory II

Installed Software Packages


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