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Embedded Systems & Computer Architecture Laboratory


Paul Fortier


32.5' X 23'


This area houses the embedded systems and computer architecture laboratory. It is used for running the laboratory sections of core courses in the area of embedded systems which are taken by both ELE and CPE majors and the equivalent graduate sections. This room has 12 benches, each equipped with a modern PC station connected to the campus network. Each station is loaded with the latest versions of widely used software packages in Engineering. Each bench is also equipped with an Agilent logic analyzer, an oscilloscope and a power supply. At the back of the lab are two soldering stations equipped with microscopes.


  • ECE 260 – Digital Logic and Computer Design
  • ECE 263 – Embedded System Design
  • ECE 368 – Digital Design
  • ECE 388 – Embedded Design Project


Installed Software Packages Include:

  • Acrobat DC Pro
  • Adept (Digilent)
  • Advanced Design System (ADS)
  • Agilent Logic Analysis
  • Android Studio
  • Arduino
  • Atmel Studio
  • Audacity
  • Eagle Pro
  • Fritzing
  • Java 8 JDK
  • Mathcad 15
  • Mathematica
  • Matlab
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Office Visio
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate
  • Miktex
  • MultiSim
  • Netbeans IDE
  • Notepad++
  • Opnet IT Guru (Riverbed)
  • Oracle Client
  • Python
  • VMware Player
  • Waveforms (Digilent)
  • Xilinx WebPack ISE 14.7
  • Xwin32 8.1



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