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Lab Safety


Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the College of Engineering buildings.


Clothing worn in the laboratory should not be loose, skimpy, torn, or flammable. Such clothing does not provide adequate protection from chemical, thermal, or mechanical hazards. Laboratory aprons or coats may be worn to protect exposed arms and legs. Aprons may be purchased at the bookstore. This may save an expensive piece of clothing from being ruined.


Shoes must be worn at all times in the laboratories. Sandals provide little protection from spills, broken glass, or falling objects. Sandals should not be worn.


Safety glasses are mandatory in all labs where material is being mixed, heated, modified, or otherwise manipulated. (Computer "labs" are not considered material labs.) Safety glasses are available in the bookstore.

If safety glasses are purchased elsewhere they must conform to Federal Safety Standard ANSI Z87.1. Most prescription glasses do not meet this standard.


While there are many experiments that do not require gloves, it is recommended that all students purchase gloves so that they will be available when safety dictates their use. Students may be required to purchase gloves. "Platex" gloves are available in the bookstore.


If an ambulance is used to transport a student to the hospital as a result of an accident which occurs during a period of required instruction the cost will be paid by UMass Dartmouth.

However, hospital costs are the sole responsibility of the student. Students are encouraged to acquire health insurance since these charges are not covered in the Student Health Policy. Students should contact Health Services for additional details.


All accidents/injuries must be reported to the Campus Health Services office. All eye injuries must be treated at the Campus Health Services office.


All emergencies (fires, accidents, spills and medical) should be handled through the Campus Police at:
911 or X
9191 (using on campus phones)
508.999.9191 (using off campus or cellular phones)

Health Services Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
508.999.8982 or x8982 (using on campus phones)

Last revised: 03/2016

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