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Student Resources


All students are expected to meet each semester with their advisor to review their academic progress and register for classes. Students can check on COIN for the name and contact information of their advisor. If an advisor is not listed in COIN, students should contact the Department Secretary, Becky Leverett at or 508.999.8700. University Extension students should contact the University Extension office for advising support.

Students are expected to track and take responsibility for their progress. Advisors are expected to provide information, advice, and support in a timely and easily accessible manner. Problems with the advising process should be brought to the attention of the Department Chair.

Advisors are generally not available over the summer. Please contact the Department Chair or the STAR Center if you have any questions over summer break.

If you have not yet declared a major, are thinking of majoring in Crime and Justice Studies, and would like further information, see criteria for Admission into the Department and make an appointment to see the Department Chair. 

To register for courses each semester, be sure to do the following:

  • Make an appointment with your advisor as soon as possible during the advising period.
  • Review your progress to degree on COIN and note all questions you would like to discuss with your advisor.
  • Review your course options for the following semester and make a preliminary schedule. The Course scheduling planning aid can be helpful with this process. If you are trying to plan your progress to degree over several years the Degree planning aid may be helpful.
  • Become familiar with how to register on COIN.
  • Meet with your advisor. PLEASE NOTE that your advisors will only take the registration hold off after meeting with you in person.
  • Register as soon as your advising hold is taken off. Courses fill up quickly so be sure to do this as soon as you can.


Internship Overview

All Crime and Justice Studies majors are expected to take the Internship course during their senior year and can choose from an extensive list of community placements.

By participating in the internship program you will:

  • Apply your theoretical learning in real-life situations.
  • Explore career options.
  • Develop practical skills for working in in your professional field.
  • Build your resume with career-appropriate experience.
  • Develop a network of professional contacts for future employment.
  • Improve your qualifications for graduate programs.
  • Help area agencies provide services that improve our society at the local level. 

Internship Course

Students interested in doing an internship for university credit should register for CJS 450, our Internship course.

In addition to a determined number of work-hours, the internship course has additional requirements. Be sure to read the official course description and consult with the instructor teaching the course for a more detailed description of the course and its requirements.

Internship Placement

Students registered for the Internship course should find an internship placement prior to the beginning of the semester. The internship experience should be conducive to the student’s academic interests and long-term career plans.

Students are encouraged to search for appropriate internship sites on their own. However, they may also utilize the agencies listed under the Resources section below or check with the department’s secretary for a list of potential internship sites. All placements have to be approved by the instructor teaching the course.

Submit an Internship

If you are interested in offering our students an internship with your agency please contact our department at 508.999.8700 or

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