Crime & Justice Studies among top programs

The program, which bridges social science and the humanities and offers a broad-based study of the criminal justice system, ranks #5 on GradReports’ 2020 Best Colleges list of 25 Best Colleges for Criminology.

Grad Reports Best Colleges 2020, uploaded 4/5/23

UMass Dartmouth’s Crime & Justice Studies program ranks #5 for best colleges on GradReports’ 2020 Best Colleges list of 25 Best Colleges for Criminology 2020. The rankings are based on median-early career salary data of more than five million graduates from the U.S. Department of Education’s resource, College Scorecard.

The department of Crime and Justice Studies at UMass Dartmouth brings together the academic fields of criminology, criminal justice, and justice studies, successfully bridging the social sciences and humanities. The multidisciplinary program specializes in the study of the criminal justice system's history, policies, politics, and procedures.

The department offers teachings in criminology for theory, policy and research-minded students, criminal justice for those seeking careers and research in criminal justice agencies, and justice studies for those seeking careers and research in social services and community-oriented advancements.

Bringing these three disciplines together into one department allows students interested in the various areas of work in this field and in society to begin a cross-agency dialogue with each other, within our classrooms, and before they enter the workforce that will bring them in contact with many communities, organizations, and agencies.

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