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Heidi Berggren
Associate Professor of Political Science and Women's and Gender Studies
Ph.D. University of Colorado

Professor Berggren's research and teaching interests include the cohousing movement, social welfare policy, work-family policy, gender and politics, and political behavior. Her more recent publications include "Is Cohousing Good for Democracy? Comparing political participation among residents of cohousing communities and traditional condominium developments" (Housing and Society), “The Cohousing Research Network: A Community Approach to Communities Research,” (Communities, coauthored) “Cohousing as Civic Society: Cohousing Involvement and Political Participation” (Social Science Quarterly). Her publications have also appeared in other journals such as the Journal of Political Science Education, Political Research Quarterly, International Journal of Social Welfare, Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering, and Review of Policy Research. Professor Berggren is currently researching cohousing as a potential source of broader social improvement and civic renewal. She is setting up a longitudinal panel study of residents of cohousing communities and of forming communities throughout the United States. The goal is to discover the determinants of successful and accessible cohousing communities, and ultimately to contribute to the project of cohousing as a beneficial and durable housing option for wider publics. She also serves as the Assistant Director of the Cohousing Research Network.

Telephone: 508 999-8272


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