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Graduate Studies

Master of Science

Welcome to the Physics Graduate Program website and thank you for your interest in our Master of Science degree!  The UMass Dartmouth M.S. Physics program is one of the largest in the US, as determined by the American Physical Society.

We are always looking for inquisitive and enthusiastic individuals as full-time and part-time students who plan to pursue Physics in aid to professional careers in research, teaching, or in applied areas of industrial research and development.

Our program's part-time option is geared toward students who are already professionally active but wish to enhance their knowledge base.

Our MS program is designed to advance students' understanding of modern and classical physics as well as their mastery of applying the physical concepts to solving practical problems.

Under the guidance of a graduate advisor, all students follow a course of study and research that is in harmony with their background and goals. The size of our program fosters close personal contacts between students and the faculty.

Nearly all students participate in original research with their advisors, and also obtain teaching experience. Most students are supported by teaching or research assistantships.

More information about the M.S. physics degree program can be found on the departmental Physics Fact Sheet. Furthermore, the Ph.D. degree program in Engineering and Applied Science (EAS) features contemporary, advanced interdisciplinary research and educational opportunities for students and faculty.

Thank you for your interest in our program. Please feel absolutely free to contact me for any questions about our program.

Robert Fisher
Graduate Program Director
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NCSA article

Dr. Robert Fisher, Dr. Gaurav Khanna and graduate student David Falta featured in an article in National Center for Supercomputing Applications
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