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LAR students must fulfill three sets of graduation requirements: (I) College (CAS for the B.A.), (II) University (GenEd)/University Studies (US), and (III) Major (LAR). Courses taken to satisfy GenEd/University Studies and B.A. requirements can be applied to both sets of requirements; however, LAR major requirements cannot be used towards college (B.A) distribution requirements.  You are allowed to include one additional course in your concentration discipline for a distribution requirement.

I. Arts & Sciences College Requirements for B.A. (College and GenEd Requirements (LAR Requirements Sheet ~ Gen Ed) students entering prior to 2012/LAR Requirments ~ University Studies CURRENT - students entering Fall 2012 - current)

  • English 101 and English 102
  • Literature: 6 credits
  • Humanities: 9 credits (No more than 6 credits from one field. Cou
  • rses may be taken in Art History, History, Philosophy (including logic), Music (excluding applied courses, and culture and civilization courses from the departments of Foreign Literature and Languages and Portuguese)
  • Natural Sciences: 9 credits (courses taught in Chemistry, Biology, Medical Laboratory Science, Physics, and selected courses in Engineering and Nursing)
  • Social Sciences: 12 credits (courses taught in Anthropology, Crime and Justice Studies, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and selected courses in Women & Gender Studies)
  • Language requirement: all candidates for a B.A. in the College of Arts and Sciences must demonstrate language proficiency in one of the following ways:
  1. completion of a 202-level course in a language other than English;
  2. satisfactory performance in both oral and written proficiency tests if student has a fluency in French, German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, or Spanish;
  3. satisfactory score on the ETS placement test, the Advanced Placement test, the Advanced Placement Literature test, the CLEP examination, or the TOEFL examination; the last two, when combined with a writing sample, an oral examination, and the written permission of the Chairperson of the Foreign Literature and Languages Department; OR
  4. completion of American sign language at the intermediate level. Up to six credits are awarded for American Sign Language courses provided they are taken at an institution of higher learning such as a Massachusetts community college (in transfer credit); prior approval must be obtained from the Chairperson of the Department of Foreign Literature and Languages.

II. General Education Requirements for the University (GenEd and College Requirements (LAR Requirements Sheet ~ Gen Ed) (LAR Requirments ~ University Studies CURRENT - students entering Fall 2012 - current)

  • All standard University requirements at the student’s discretion.
  • Upper-level GenEd requirements:
    • Writing (W): 3 credits.
      • To fulfill the upper-level W requirement, LAR students must complete ENL 260: Intermediate Composition. Note: Take ENL 260 as soon as possible after declaring the major.
    • Ethics (E): 3 credits at the student's discretion
    • Oral (O): 3 credits at the student's discretion
    • Information and Computer Literacy (I-Tier II): 3 credits at the student's discretion


III. Major Requirements (LAR Major Information with Concentration Areas)

  1. ENL 260: Intermediate Writing (3 credits) 
  2. LAR 201: Introduction to Studies Across the Disciplines (3 credits)
  3. Two concentrations (15 credits each) from the following list:                                                   Anthropology/Sociology (SOA); Art History (ARH); Economics (ECO); English (ENL-L) or English (ENL-W); Foreign Languages & Literatures (FLL); History (HST); Philosophy (PHL); Political Science (PSC); Portuguese (POR); Sustainability Studies (SUS); Urban Studies (US); Women's & Gender Studies (WGS)

LAR 401: Capstone Seminar in Multidisciplinary Studies (3 credits)

Total Credits for Major: 36 with 24 upper-level credits (300 and 400 level) in addition to ENL 260.  Advising checklist for University and College Requirements (LAR Requirements Sheet ~ Gen Ed )(LAR Requirments ~ University Studies CURRENT - students entering Fall 2012 - current)

Note: Pre-requisites in concentration departments are the student's responsibility, and can count towards CAS or U.S. Gen. Ed. requirements.


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