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LAR Major Info w/ Concentration Requirements

LAR Major Requirements
Advising Options

LAR Core Courses (required for all majors):

ENL 260: Intermediate Writing (3 credits) (This counts for US1c)

LAR 201: Introduction to Studies Across the Disciplines (3 credits) (This counts for US4a)

Two Concentrations (15 credits each) see below listing:

Please use University System Bonitasoft to declare your two (2) required concentrations:                    

  • LAR 401: Capstone Seminar in Multidisciplinary Studies (3 credits)

This course is topic oriented and requires students to pursue the development of assignments requiring multidisciplinary approaches.

Note: Seven of the 10 classes must be at the 300 or 400 levels. Pre-requisites in the major concentration department are the student’s responsibility and do not count towards the 15 credits in each concentration unless listed as a concentration requirement.

Total Credits for the Major: 36 credits with at least 21 credits in the major at the upper level, plus ENL 260.

Please print and save an advising sheet for each of your concentrations by using the above links to pdf files; share this with your faculty advisor. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to fulfill all requirements for the major, the B.A., and College GenEd or University Studies.

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