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Ahmad MaJing

Art + Design: Jewelry/Metals

About Ahmad MaJing

He was born and raised in Beijing, China, the cultural and political center of China. My family is from Qinghai, where is famous for its diverse minority culture and unique plateau views.

He currently studying jewelry design at Umass Dartmouth in America. He became involved in the jewelry world around ten years ago when his brother opened their first family-own jewelry boutique in Beijing. Through the years, he has gained experience in many jewelry skills and techniques. Ahmad found himself having a passion to use jewelry design as media to create and express art. He also has interned in some major jewelry companies and studios in New York City. His dream is to have a future career as an iconic jewelry artist and help the family maintain a successful jewelry business.


Freedom & Chaos collection is inspired by the Tiananmen Square Protest happened in Beijing in 1989. The spirit of the tank man is a symbol of freedom and chaos, which gives faith to those people who have the passion and believe in the value of individuals against the authority of the system. The design is inspired by Art Deco style and futurism, which reflects the movement of the mechanism, speed and violence invented in the tank.

The concept of a tank represents the authority of government, which seems invincible but is challenged by the tank man, who heroically standing in front of the hegemony.