Feature Stories 2023: Cade Hanley '24: Artist-Student-Athlete

Cade Hanley '24, poses at the hockey team's media shoot before the 2022-23 season.
Feature Stories 2023: Cade Hanley '24: Artist-Student-Athlete
Cade Hanley '24: Artist-Student-Athlete

Montana native, art education major, and captain of the Corsair hockey team calls UMassD the perfect fit

Why UMassD? 

When looking for a university that offered everything he was looking for, Cade Hanley '24 looked far and wide. The Montana native wanted facilities with ceramics, jewelry, metals, and sculpture in an art education program where he could set himself up for a career as a teacher. Plus, as an elite hockey player, he wanted to attend a school where he could play at the NCAA level.

Citing artistic facilities most public universities don't offer, and being awarded UMass Dartmouth's Chancellor's Scholarship and Bozeman High School's Worthy Student Scholarship, Hanley found UMassD offered the most opportunities for the lowest price. 

What brought you here all the way from Montana? 

"The combination of the ability to play NCAA hockey, the opportunity to create with uncommon three-dimensional artistic mediums, a degree in art education, and a more affordable price were the biggest selling points of UMassD. I can honestly say this was the best decision I could have made. I can pursue my passion of becoming an art teacher through the art education program and instill my passion for the arts in my future students."

What was the move to a different part of the country like? 

"I have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time on the east coast growing up. My dad is originally from Cranston, Rhode Island and we would come out here every summer growing up, so you could say I was somewhat acclimated to east coast living. Along with that, I was able to live on Cape Cod for two years after I graduated from high school before coming to school here. 

"Some of the best experiences of my life happened during those two years and that was where I figured out that I wanted to stay in the area for college. I have always loved coming to the east coast, even though it is very different from the way I grew up in Montana." 

Can you describe UMassD in one word?  


Art Education 

What drew you to your major?  

"For the type of career I’d be interested in, art education is the best of both worlds. You have the art side, in which I can create in many different mediums. Then you have the educational side, which worked out so well for me, as I’ve always wanted to teach or coach in some way. Having the freedom to create on my own while being able to have a positive impact on the next generation is something that I look forward to."

What's your favorite thing about CVPA? 

"The Star Store campus is by far my favorite part of the CVPA. Never have I had access to a facility with such incredible ceramics and jewelry studios before in my life. Having access to these facilities and tools has given me a plethora of creative outlets and the opportunities to grow as a 3-dimensional artist."

Do you have any favorite lessons, courses, or professors you'd like to shout out? 

"Professors Alan Thompson and Stacy Latt Savage are two of my favorite instructors in all of my schooling. I have learned so much from both of them in terms of creating and my artistic mind. They have instilled a love for the arts in me by just interacting in our studio spaces. I hope to have as profound an impact on my future students as they have had on me. They are truly incredible individuals!"

On the ice

Hanley, who was named Assistant Captain of the hockey team before his junior campaign, and blocked a team-high 43 shots this past season, played junior hockey in Cape Cod for two years, and saw the Corsair hockey team as an opportunity he couldn’t pass down.

What stuck out about the UMassD hockey team?  

"Back home in Montana, playing NCAA hockey is very uncommon. So, at the end of the day, it was a combination of accepting the challenge to achieve and grow both athletically and academically and continue my life experience on the east coast."

What's your favorite thing about the hockey team?

"My teammates. I love all the guys that I've been able to play with here. I've never had closer friendships than with the kids I've played hockey with, and we have such an incredible group here. I feel fortunate, as I've truly made some friends for life, and I'm excited to see what this group can do with the time I have left at UMassD."

Cade Hanley sets up a shot


As a student-athlete, does a busy schedule better help you to prepare for life after graduation?

"Definitely, playing a sport alongside a full-time academic workload has not been easy. As an art major, I spend countless hours in the studio, heading to the rink, working on more projects, and mixing in a workout three times per week. I think having to plan out my days and budget my time in college will only help me in the real world, as it's helped me develop some skills I would not have had as a regular student."

Do you have any tips or tricks for managing your time?

"Sticky note checklists have been a lifeline for me keeping track of what I need to do."

More info

To view some of Cade's work, he welcomes you to visit his website